Andromeda Computer - NeuroMarketing
Discovering the secrets of consumers

Thanks to this new tool, we are discovering the real keys to buying decisions ... and some of them are very surprising. For example, these are four of the territories where neuromarketing has brought great results:

The sense of smell. The senses have an evocative power of the most powerful thing to make the marks reach the depths of us. The brain remembers smells much better and processes them at more subconscious levels than the stimuli it receives through sight. It is the most emotional sense and therefore, one of the best works to connect with the consumer. Now, brands take advantage of this through olfactory marketing: for example, supermarkets strategically position their bread ovens so that consumers are encouraged to buy more. Today, 35% of brands already have a "odotype": an odor that evokes the brand and provokes in the consumer sensations associated with it.

The attraction for danger. For years, marketing has used fear and health alerts to provoke reactions in consumers. The logic behind it is that we all escape from danger ... but surprisingly, it does not work as well as expected. For example, despite decades of campaigns warning of the danger of tobacco, there are millions of people who continue to smoke. And is that according to neurological studies, these frightening messages activate the core of craving, making smokers not only do not want to leave, but feel more desire to light a cigarette.

The names of the brands. Neuroscientific studies have shown that the subconscious response of the brain is very different depending on the name of the product, so that naming is vital to ensure success.
Colors. The color in advertising and neuroscience is a whole world, since different shades can completely modify the ideas and emotions associated with a brand.

This and many other strategies and knowledge are applied in each Andromeda Computer campaign to its customers.
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