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What is SEM? The literal meaning is Marketing in the Search Engines, in English Search Engine Marketing. That is, the set of strategies exploited by search engines to promote business and websites on the Internet. SEM campaigns take advantage of the operating characteristics of search engines, to start with Google, to increase web traffic, spread awareness of the brand, get customers.

The SEM Marketing uses different strategies.
The main ones are:
  •      SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimization of the website in the search engines;
  •      SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Online payment advertising;
  •      Link building campaigns to get links;
  •      Content Marketing

Construction and linkage acquisition: other SEM strategies

Websites are not separate and isolated entities but are part of a gigantic ecosystem that is the Internet and its subnets. Each website can lead to others through links: bridges that connect web pages. When links link web pages belonging to different websites, a relationship emerges according to which the website that receives the link becomes a possible destination for visitors to the other website.

This means that the more links a website receives the more traffic it will earn accordingly. It is clear that the number of visits also depends on the importance of the websites where the links come from: very popular blogs and portals represent coveted traffic sources.

A link creation strategy is a form of SEM marketing that seeks to get the highest number of inbound links (possibly backlinks) from high authority sites.

The task of winning links can take two forms:

link construction Put links in web directories, exchange links, post articles in specialized portals, links in social media, etc .;
getting links. The creation of high quality content in order to get natural inbound links. In this scenario, the links coming from third websites are obtained thanks to the production of valuable content (texts, videos, images ...) that users find interesting and decide to share.
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