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You are looking for a digital marketing that meets your goals without excuses, with our non-invasive strategies we offer your business the opportunity to substantially improve sales. With intelligent (non-invasive) digital marketing strategies. Present your product, brand or company in the right way with a modern, fast and secure website. We only ask for your vote of confidence, we take care of the rest.

About Us

The Andromeda Computer team is nothing more than quality, it accompanies and supports your project, your business, your inspiration and your future. With our multidisciplinary team carry out a company where you have always wanted

Our philosophy of services

Graphic Design

"The majority of people think that the design is a sheet, a simple decoration. For me, nothing is more important in the future than the design. Design is the soul of everything created by man.


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"Bitcoin is the disruptor par excellence, since it does not only make obsolete the big players in the field of payment processing, such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, but it also challenges the very existence of a monetary authority."


"It seems that we have reached the limits achievable by computer technology, although one must be cautious with these statements, since they tend to sound quite silly in five years." - John Von Neumann<


Your projects will be supported by the experience acquired over the years, and the dedication that only commitment to work can provide. We are a millennial company that thinks about the future facing the challenges of the present.

Facts and not words about us!

The numbers are reliable, they are clear and for some they are even fun, what is certain is that they represent very well the hours of dedication to the projects of our clients, at a glance below.

Cups of coffee or tea in some cases

Hours of hard work even until very late

Hallelujahs for successful projects

Code lines written in 6 years


programming technology

We put at your disposal the most advanced programming technology for your company's website. Javascript, CSS3, MotionUI, HTML5 ...

Technical support

Web support and technological advice, timely help for inconveniences or sudden changes in your site.

Frequent updates

Recurring updates of your systems including apps and website.

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality of our services, by the technical personnel of the company

Multi-language support

We work with multi-language sites and offer advice for changes to your website based on it.

Customizable sites

The websites we design have a high degree of personalization.

Campaigns of diffusion

We carry out marketing campaigns through messaging using your own data and that of your company.

Advertising banners

Banner ads are very important and we adapt neuromarketing strategies in them.

Graphic design

Likewise, graphic design is based on neuromarketing, which is how the brain interprets messages with subtle changes in colors and shapes to achieve the expected result.


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